Additional Services

Customized Team Development – If you have a newly created project team, or an established group that needs to increase its team effectiveness, we can work together to create a productive and fun process to accelerate the team “learning curve.”

Examples include: a management team just formed to open a new department store location; a project team formed as part of a merger integration; two departments that are required to work together but are competing instead of collaborating; a team that is going “off-site” for its annual meeting.

Birkman Method Assessment – Randy is a “Senior Level Consultant” in the Birkman Method, a proven assessment process to increase individual, team and organization effectiveness. He has worked with Wal-Mart, McLane Company, Hilcorp Energy, CenterPoint Energy, First Victoria Bank, Athlon Solutions, KBR and others to include the Birkman in their leadership development.

We’ve applied the Birkman as a component within a leadership development workshop, with a senior team’s off-site retreat, and with individual, one-on-one executive coaching situations. It can be effective to help managers with new roles or responsibilities, as well as individuals who are facing challenges in their current position.

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